Should I Outsource for My Business?

Outsourcing has changed over the last decade due to the technology. Michael believes that outsourcing is the only way to help small businesses to grow rapidly and profitably. But what to look out for before outsourcing? See what advices Michael has shared before you make the decision! Topic – Know These 3 Things Before You […]

Should I increase prices for my products and services?

In this episode, our founder, W Michael Hsu talks about how raising prices can help your business and how 1+1+1=19. He’s not talking about raising your price by 10% or 15%, but simply make 1% change to impact your Net profit. What are you waiting for? Let’s jump right in! Time stamped Show Notes: [00:10] […]

What Makes a Good Dashboard #MoneyTalk EP01

Do you have a business dashboard set up for your business? What are some tips that worked out for you when building a functional dashboard? In Money Talk – episode 1, our founder, W.Michael.Hsu shared what features a good dashboard should have. And how can you use it to help your business. Let’s tune-in ! Topic – […]