What’s The Difference Between A Bookkeeper And An Accountant?

Accountants and bookkeepers seem similar, on the surface. Yet the duties involved with each position are different. While the two jobs work with the same sets of data and require some of the same skills, their primary goals, priorities, and job descriptions—as well as the time frames in which they support the business—are in fact […]

Outsourcing Accounting Pros and Cons

Just like with everything else in business, the practice of outsourcing accounting has its pros and cons. If you’re a business owner, you could be ready for an in-house accountant but just can’t quite afford one that works in-house. Full-time accounting departments can be beyond many business budgets whereas outsourced accounting could be the answer. […]

Financial Management Company in Orange County CA

What could better financial management mean to your company? Could it mean better financial control, increased profits, better debt management, or increased overall growth? Well, all of those goals are well within reach when you have the help of a Financial Management Company in Orange County, CA, like DeepSky Accounting. We are experts in the […]

Orange County Accountant for Small Business

Bookkeeping and accounting are both something that you have to either learn or outsource if you own and/or operate a small business in Orange County. Now, chances are you really don’t have the time for all of that learning with all that’s involved in running a business. That obviously means that your best option is […]

How to Manage Your Money Better

In today’s world of small to medium-sized businesses, one major issue that often befalls owners and operators is financial disorganization. It’s rather insidious and creeps up on you before you’re even aware of it. It stems from one simple thing and that is the failure to regularly do several rather tedious things. A Financial Makeover […]

How to Do Accounting for Small Business

If you’ve recently started or are about to start your own small business, then congrats are in order! It undoubtedly takes an amazing amount of perseverance and passion just to get to this point. You probably already know this but we’re going to say it again. Being a small business owner means dealing with not […]