Virtual CFO Rates in Orange County


Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a complex position in any business and has long been known as a job that can only be filled by consummate professionals. It’s definitely a position that can be crucial to effective management. The problem is that so many businesses don’t have a big enough budget to be able to afford the services of a good CFO. This issue is compounded by the reality that operating your company without the guidance of a CFO could mean that you’re essentially flying blindfolded. On the other hand, when you have CFO services in place, you’re free to do your job, which includes spending your time concentrating on profitability and growth.

Virtual CFO Services Make a Difference

Now, this is the point where virtual CFO services can make all the difference in the world. At DeepSky, we can provide our best to help your business to be its best but your first question is probably, “What’s a virtual CFO anyway?” A virtual CFO is a service from DeepSky working in a virtual environment. In there, your business reports, documents, data, action plans, and more are available to you 24/7 online. This information-access has a single-access-point with some serious password protection and it’s all under your control.

Virtual CFO Rates

Although there really isn’t any virtual CFO pricing that is set in stone, there are some basic influencers when it comes to cost, including:
A. Business type
B. Business size
C. Annual revenue
D. # of hours virtual CFO services are needed
E. Financial complexity

What Your Virtual CFO Does

Some of the basics include:
1. Assuming full responsibility for the timely, accurate reporting of the company’s condition, financial performance, and cash flows.
2. Helping management with the development of operating strategies for implementing improvements in present operations as well as financial planning for the future.
3. Designing internal operation controls for improvements in overall performance.
4. Making sure that all Federal, state, and local regulations and laws are followed and taxes are paid in a timely manner.
5. Perhaps most importantly, virtual CFO services free up your time to deal with running your business, dealing with your staff, and improving on your vision of the future.

Your Growth Opportunity

Get more opportunities for growing your business and achieving optimum financial control plus do it at a fraction of the cost of an in-house CFO. With DeepSky, you get the expertise and the CFO services that you need but all you pay is a monthly service fee. At DeepSky, we can start immediately with helping your business by preparing a customized virtual CFO plan for you, so contact us at (949) 200-6829. On the other hand, you could just fill out the form below for a free consultation so we can show you what we can do for your business.