What Motivates Us? Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose


What motivates you?

I have beaten the topic of how “business is changing (has changed)” to death on this blog and how businesses need to constantly reinvent themselves in order to thrive in the new economy.

Today, I came across this video of Daniel Pink‘s speech on the science behind motivation and the gap between what we know and what businesses do.

What’s the purpose of your organization?

In his speech, he talked about how people are motivated by the ability to choose their own path, a desire to mastery and a common purpose – something that DeepSky is currently working on with our team in our efforts to “practice what we preach” by becoming a truly innovative company.

Take a look at the video after the jump. (p.s. – here’s our work in progress) DeepSky’s purpose is to help entrepreneurs build their dream by providing them with intelligent business (financial) information without getting in their way.

what’s yours?