Daily Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur: Keeping Track

In my third blog on how to improve your juggling abilities, I want to talk about tracking progress. As you may know, I’m a big proponent of dashboards because they tell a story at a glance. In fact, I provide custom financial dashboards to each of my clients, giving them meaningful metrics based on their […]

Daily Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur: Make Time for Yourself

As we approach Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to talk about what we’re thankful for in our lives and in our businesses and make sure we are devoting time to those things. In this third Daily Habits blog, I want to remind you to that even a great juggler can only handle so many balls. Examples […]

Daily Habits of an Entrepreneur: Devote Time to Business Development

In part one of my series on daily habits of an entrepreneur, I talked about maintaining focus. The second step is to devote more time to actually developing business. Your daily schedule needs to include at least one element tied to revenue-generation, no matter how profitable your business may be. Few steps to develop your […]

Daily Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur: Focus

I want to rename the term entrepreneur to juggler because each and every entrepreneurial client I work with is a master juggler, able to toss 5, maybe even 7 balls and rotate them through the air, touching each briefly and trying not to let any drop. It’s hard work. It got me thinking, what are […]

Why Are You in Business?

If the quick answer to that question is “to make a profit,” then my friends, it’s very likely that you’ve lost your way a little since the day you opened up shop. As Simon Sinek would argue, making money is a result of being in business, but it is rarely the reason you are in […]